Hanging Johney (masnomas) wrote,
Hanging Johney

I will fight no more forever.

I am giving serious consideration to the possibility of starting up World of Warcraft again. I have been thinking this over for a few weeks. I am some distance from a decision.

Primary factors are consideration of things like, do I have the time and self control for this?

Ultimately, the way I am perceiving it is that I would undertake it as a hobby. This is distinct, because what it was before does not qualify as a hobby. I am looking at structured play times. Organized, lightly scheduled. I have to decide if I am capable of that, and if I am, if it would fit in my life as it works these days.

Partly I am looking at it as a form of connection with old friends. Does the idea of playing again interest any of you who are also out these days. Or any of you who are in but might be willing to adventure with me.
Or anyone who has never played?

I have to decide what I want out of it, and how that works. But the way the discussion in my head has been going it's less of an issue of IF and more of an issue of WHEN. That is, I am no longer convinced that I will stay out forever, but that does not mean that now is the time to return.

Who thinks what about this?

Also, for past/current players, what's the action for voice chat these days? How well does it work, etc?
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