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masnomas's Journal

Hanging Johney
27 May 1977
"Oh yeah...I'm not respectable, and never sensible, I've been incredible, so damned irascible and I like the things I do. So hooray for me...and fuck you." -Bad Religion

"I fought for your civil rights bitch, I don't need a lecture. What? What's wrong, did I say something? I'll never quit-your all wrong and I can prove it." -The Cows

"And as bad as I am, and as bad as I am
I'm still here." - Great Big Sea

"It get's so lonely being evil.
What I'd do to see a smile, even for a little while.
And no one loves you when you're evil.
I'm lying through my teeth.
Your tears are all the company I need." -Voltaire

"With their hearts all aglow from her icy back at you stare." -Rasputina

"Remembering, repeating, reflections of-our-meeting." -U.V. Protection

"God knows what causes an angel to love a fool." -Great Big Sea

I am not elite. Don't even try.

If you are interested in sending IMs and Emails to me, it is very likely that I would like to recieve your IMs and Emails. If all else fails for attaining this information, please email me at Masnomas@livejournal.com which will reach me in some form or fashion.
I got that lame MySpace thingy up. Find me, or not, I don't give a crap about that thing.